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Welcome to the GBL Forum

I’d like to welcome each of you to the new GBL forum.  There are things we are updating and adding, so you will want to learn how to use this website and return often.  We are posting Consultant News on this site so you will know about the successes that others are enjoying.

When you submit a case, we’d also like an email from you at office@GreenBusinessLeague.com that gives us the “Behind the Scene” look at how you landed this case, the challenges you faced, and how you did it.  Share your secrets, tips, and help others with your genius.

Take a note that the GBL or GHL sheets need to be submitted to the office as soon as possible.   The processing is now all done on a paperless system (DocAssist, of course), and falls into a workflow process so everything is right right.  Once a month, you need to turn in the report of your certifications.  This is when you pay the percentage if you didn’t pay it already.   Do not fail to keep up to this task so there is no need to follow up on unpaid certifications.  See the downlaod section for reports.

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